Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Feliz Navidad!

Yeah, I know... I'm a dork. I'm on my laptop on Christmas day. But that's okay... I'm not being sacrilegious or anything. We celebrated the REAL holiday, the birthday of Jesus, yesterday. Today was about giving gifts to family members so it is okay for me to be on the computer. They are watching the movie Cars.
I thought I'd share some pictures from our celebrations.
The collage we put together for Nana, Charlotte's grandmother on her father's side. We had lunch with her on Friday.

Bruce got very excited over his big gift from me - a new camera! I threw him off so that he wouldn't expect it by dropping hints that I had just been too busy with Charlotte and work to find time to order it for him. He wanted the Canon A540 to replace his A80 which doesn't work anymore. We opened gifts with my family on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, Charlotte got pooped out from all of the excitement. Isn't it cute how her legs got folded over while she slept?

2 nights ago we decided to go out and look at Christmas lights. The particular street we choose had a backlog of cars, so we got out and walked while Grandma and Grumpy followed along. It was kind of neat and Charlotte especially enjoyed looking at the lights up close, but one street's worth of lights was enough for us. We headed back for hot cocoa after this.

A new tradition is being formed that when Bruce and I have some time off and go out of town, we like to find an art cafe and paint pottery to commemorate the occasion. This year we took my parents along. Grumpy was a bit reluctant and decided to get his hair cut at a nearby barbershop instead, but when he was done he came to hang out with us and got sucked in. I'll post pictures of our creations after we pick them up tomorrow. For now, just know that Grumpy thought this was one of the most relaxing things he had ever done.
This morning Charlotte had a lot of fun playing in her exersaucer. I wasn't sure it was possible to smile with a fist in the mouth, but Charlotte proved me wrong!

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