Sunday, December 09, 2007

Quick Snack

Charlotte isn't feeling well this weekend. She has a nasty headcold and a low-grade fever. She won't hardly let us put her done and has been comfort nursing every hour or so, even overnight. That really means that mommy has to hold her all of the time. I don't really mind it though... until it's my turn to clean out her nose. She hates the aspirator!

Since she is sick I decided to stay home from church with her this morning. I don't like missing church, but if I had taken her I would have missed it anyway because I would have needed to stay in the nursery with her. I did manage to be rather productive while I was home and got started on our Christmas gifts for our co-workers. I'll post pictures later... I don't want to spoil the gift in case any of them reads my blog.

Bruce called about 35 minutes before our adult Bible study began to tell me he left his lesson at home and it was our week to provide snacks for the class. Fortunately, I kind of thought it was our week and had an idea in mind. It was quick and used what I already had without having to go to the store and spending $10 on bagels or donuts. I made drop biscuits from a pre-made baking mix. I dropped those off with some homemade apple butter and raspberry jam (the jam wasn't homemade). I was able to deliver them fresh from the oven and still warm. To me, this was a very frugal, yet still elegant, solution to our last minute need.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! I am sorry for not being around! :) Apparently when you switched your blog over I didn't put it in my RSS feeds! Last week I was thinking about you and wondering if life just had you so busy that you weren't blogging! I then saw a comment you had left on Steve's blog and followed the link - only to realize I had been missing out on your faithful posts! I have tried to catch up and am one again reading!! I am trying to be better about my own blogging, but it does seem to take a back-burner to everything else that is happening these days!
    We are also home from church today because Elizabeth is sick. I had hoped to go and take Nate for the first time, but maybe next week. He will be 3 weeks old tomorrow (man time flies!). I keep thinking about how if he had bothered to come on his due date he would be a month old today! Pretty cool - too bad he missed it! :)
    Okay - sorry for the book on your blog! :) Talk to you later!


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