Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Heroes to the Rescue!

As a team, nothing can stop them.
When she sees danger, she gets down to business.
Her super power is her super cuteness!
They can fly anywhere in the world. Fast.
Not only can they bust the bad guys, they can also bust a move.
Even blindfolded, they can get the job done.
The pins fell down before the pumpkin even got there, just at the sight of this dynamic duo.
Tall ladders are no match for this super hero. She can (and did) climb that ladder all by herself.

Super heroes always need to keep themselves well hydrated.
And well nourished too.
Look at how this super hero tamed the wild beast, "Princess."
It's important for even the tiniest super heroes to practice so they can keep their game sharp.

What fun events did your family participate in this weekend?


  1. Those are some super cute super heroes. I really like the bowling picture.


  2. Love it, what super memories you have made for your little super hero's !!


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