Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pumpkin Mallow S'mores

Finally! Today the temperatures dropped into the 80's and stayed there! This is the first Fall-ish day we've had yet. While that might not seem like Fall to those of you who live where there are real seasons, it is to me. After sweating through this past week, I was so happy that the temperature stayed relatively low today.

In honor of that, I decided to make myself a fall-ish snack. The kids are in bed and I'm home alone so I didn't want to bake something and be tempted to eat the whole pan of brownies. Instead, I settled on these.

Pumpkin Mallow S'mores

The Ingredients

Ready to be toasted and assembled

2 yummy toasted pumpkin spice mallows, toasted just until I can smell the burnt sugar

Almost completely assembled and ready for noshing

Once I pulled those toothpicks out I thoroughly enjoyed this crumbly snack best eaten in private. Unless your friends and loved ones have a good sense of humor and don't mind crumbs.

Oh, and if you aren't camping and need an easy way to toast marshmallows, you can always do what I did and use one of those candle lighters.

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