Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Playdate

A good friend of mine was guilted into throwing a fun, pumpkin decorating, candy-necklace making, yummy snack eating Fall Party. We were on the lucky end of a 5 year old convincing her pregnant momma that this might be the last chance for a play date before the newest member of their family arrives in about a month.

It was also a costume swap, which coincided with National Costume Swap Day. Who even knew such a day existed?

Charlotte enjoyed everything about the day - crafts, friends, food, and fresh air. I think the weather was perfect for an out door play date like this one.

Mary had a good time too. It was one of her first being let loose with a lot of craft supplies. And I think this is the dirtiest she has ever been. Check out those "little dixie" feet!

Our friends, the Dearies. Other friends, like Brittany of A Flower In The Rain, were there, but not pictured because apparently, I didn't make sure I took some of everyone.

And the lovely host family, of Eat, Drink & Be Jesus. Thank you Ida & Aurora for a lovely afternoon! I couldn't have done it better myself.

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