Thursday, October 06, 2011

My New Entryway? Maybe? Possibly?

Karissa has great taste. And a great sense of style. She also knows how to make things her own. Take her recently redesigned entryway for example. It is perfectly functional, yet still fits her family's personal style. Here it is, in all of it's simplicity and beauty.

And I've decided, if my husband agrees, to copy her idea for my own entryway. The girls need a place for backpacks and jackets (yes, we will at least need light ones for our Florida "winter). And I'd like a place for my purse that has nothing to do with cluttering up the dining room table.

Here is my non-artistic, yet functional rendering of  what it might look like if I actually follow through on this home improvement project.

This is a longshot of what the whole space looks like. There is a window just to the left of this photo.

A medium shot of the door and wall. The brown dots represent the three hooks I'd install. Five hooks would be better, but I can't work around that security system box, which is the main drawback to this plan. Relocating it isn't a possibility.

And a close up of what I envision for the space. On the left and right would be pictures of Charlotte and Mary and the center would either be a picture of the whole family or just Bruce and I. It all depends what we end up with from our holiday mini session at Circle B Bar Reserve with K. Barber Photography.

Since I'm a visual person, taping the paper to the wall and then drawing the design on it really helped me visualize how this might turn out. The space is only 4' wide, so it seems that, should I choose 3" molding or trim, I'll only have room for 5x7 photos. I suppose if I used 1" trim, I could get away with 8x10 photos, but it might seem too crowded then.

How do you help explain your design visions to others? Or are you one of those people who can just create something and have it turn out awesome?


  1. Neat! Would it work to put 2 hooks under each photo? You'd still have your symmetry, but get more hooks. You could just not use the 4th one from the left if you need to keep that space open to access the box. Hope that makes sense!

  2. My only sense of insight is you may not want to hang anything over the thermostat. When my husband and I were engaged he lived with a friend and his friend had a giant boxing bag on a pedestal in front of the thermostat. The ac/heat ran constantly or so it seemed. Moving the boxing thing made it not run so much. Not sure how much truth there is in that but it might be worth thinking about.


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