Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Difference A Belt Makes

For years, I thought that I couldn't wear belts. My perception of the plus-size figure caused me to shy away from anything that came close to nipping me in or being close to the skin. Then I started noticing Shauna's blog, Penny Chic. She had a plus size model or two and they rocked the belts. It was amazing how they could pull it off.

So, I started experimenting with the very small collection of belts in my closet. And I realized that they actually really work for my figured. It really helped when Penny Chic offered a Just My Size belt giveaway. I won and the belt arrived yesterday.

With my new belt in hand, I dragged my husband outside to take some pictures so I could show you how the belt changes the way I look. (Plus, you get a sneak peak at my October Dress Project outfit for day 3!)

See what I mean? The picture on the left makes me look a bit frumpy. And the middle picture is definitely an improvement. But the last picture... that's the winner! In my opinion, the whole outfit looks more put together.

I also love how this particular belt has a bit of pop to it because of the animal print pattern. There are a couple of other ones I'd love to get my hands on, but JMS is only offering these belts in select markets (and I do not live in one of them).

Tell me, what did you think of the transformation this outfit went through all because of a belt?


  1. I totally agree. Belts are a must!

  2. You're right the third look is the best. Cute outfit too!

  3. You look fabulous! Adorable!


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