Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Friday - October Dress Project

Another week of wearing the same fuschia dress every day is over. And I still like the dress! The half-way point is almost upon us and I haven't duplicated any looks yet. Plus, I still have more ideas from my closet. I've really learned that my closet is more versatile than I thought it was. It's really hard to say, "I don't have anything to wear," when I can make the same dress look so many different ways.

Last week, in addition to showing you my daily outfits, I also shared with you my creative reason for participating in the October Dress Project. This week, I want to share another reason I took this challenge on - to practice humility.

But I have a confession to make. I haven't felt very humble about my dress at all this month. Besides the taking and posting daily pictures of myself in the dress, I'm also getting a lot of positive feedback about how I look. It's hard to be humble when I am getting so much positive attention (which I'm very unaccustomed to).

I thought that wearing the same dress every day might help me connect with women who don't have a choice about wearing the same dress everyday. No one is even noticing that I am wearing the same dress (not even my 4-year old who sees me every day!). But, by exercising so much creativity, I think I've missed this point of the project.

Does that make this project a fail? Not at all. I see that vanity is a real issue for me. Despite my insecurities about my own body, I am craving the daily feedback about the smart accessory choices I am making. I didn't think I was vain before this week. Now I know that I am. It's kind of a shock to me that I would be vain about my appearance. I fear that when the project is over, I'll miss hearing so many nice words about my appearance. that is probably when the humility lesson will sink in the deepest.

Now, all of my vanity doesn't mean I am not going to share this past week's outfits with you. Now does it mean that I want you to leave mean comments, or no comment at all. So, here they are:

And this week the girls wanted in on the action and decided to copy my looks.

Which look do you like the best from the 2nd week of the October Dress Project? (I liked day 7 the best, but that might be influenced by the beach more than the outfit.)


  1. I wouldn't say you are vain. I would say that maybe you are finding out that one of your love languages is Words of Affirmation, and that by receiving them about your dress you are feeling affirmed and better about yourself.

    Vanity would be seeking out the words....and making sure that others knew that you needed to hear them. I'm not getting that from you.

  2. I like day 12! You are doing a great job changing it up :)
    Love ya!


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