Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Sharing free ice cream at Chick-fil-a yesterday
Just a moment ago, Charlotte asked me for a snack. She settled on a slice of "flat cheese." As I opened the fridge, I told her she'd need to take a slice to Mary too.

Then, when I opened up the drawer, I saw there was only a single slice of flat cheese left.

I gave Charlotte two options - eat it in the kitchen, or share it with her sister in the living room.

She quickly and cheerfully said she would split it and then did her best to fold it in half evenly.

I guess that means that some of what I am trying to teach her is sticking in her heart!

In honor of my daughters sharing so well, I decided to create a little poster for them to help them remember a Bible verse about sharing. I'm not in the habit or practice of making "printables," but I think this turned out kind of cute and thought you might want to share this verse with your littles as well. Or maybe you just need it as a reminder for yourself.

Paper & embellisments courtesy of
Click on the free printable to see a larger version and download it. It will print on standard 8.5x11 paper or cardstock.


  1. Super cute printable and ultra sweet of your Charlotte! Go GREAT mom!

  2. Thanks Amy! The fact that YOU think it is cute means a lot to me. If only I had decent software to design it in... Open Office Impress isn't super impressive.


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