Saturday, May 14, 2011

Charlotte's First Sleepover

Today was a big day in the life of my Charlotte Moon.

She went on her first real, planned sleep over tonight. It's at her G-ma's house and she has been talking about doing this for at least a month now.

Charlotte and I made a list of the things she would pack and this is what she decided she needed to include:

I added some clean clothes for the next day, zipped it up and she was ready to go!

We met my mom halfway between their house and ours and then I left Charlotte and my mom so they could have breakfast together. A few hours later though, my mom called to tell me Charlotte had a fever. 

The fever stuck around for several hours and really put a cramp in their plans together, but eventually the Tylenol brought it down from its high of 102.4 and by 9 pm, my little girl was her typical self! My mom was in for a late, fun filled night now that Charlotte was well rested from a late afternoon nap.

Mary and I stayed home this evening and had a good time being silly and eating fun foods. There were lots of extra cuddles today and I really enjoyed that.

I didn't really start to miss Charlotte until I talked to her around 9 pm. I'd been looking at the picture of her with her suitcase and then her little pip squeak voice came on the phone and I almost lost it. I'm not a very sentimental person and didn't expect to get all teary eyed, but I sure did.

And to my little Charlotte, if you are reading this post years after the fact, wherever you are right now, just remember that I'm certainly missing you just as much!

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