Monday, May 16, 2011

Blueberry Picking, 2011 Edition

It seems that picking fruit has become a tradition for our family. We missed strawberry season, but we did make it out for blueberry and tomato picking. This year, a friend from church invited us to come and pick at their large blueberry patch since they had more than they could pick before they went all bad. It was a gorgeous morning, topped off with getting to pet their horses.

Mary seemed to know exactly what to do and took her bucket straight to the first blueberry bush. She already looks like a pro!

Charlotte too remembered what to do and actually told Mrs. Lori, "I know how to do it!" when Mrs. Lori tried to show her which ones to pick.

Such joy from a small little berry. They tasted delicious right off the bush, super sweet with a nice pop when you bit into it.

Charlotte being very earnest to choose the best berries.

Mary wasn't as professional as I would have liked and her favorite thing to do was dumping the bucket out after she had several in it.

Mrs. Lori showed up a bird's nest inside on of their bushes. We didn't see the momma birdy anywhere, but her eggs sure are beautiful!

Did you pick any fruit or vegetables this Spring?


  1. I'm amazed that the berries are already ripe! It's just starting to get warm here in Peoria.

  2. Blackberries -- They are growing in our back yard.


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