Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Final Thoughts: The Bag Holder

I finally knew the Bag Holder had secured a permanent place in my kitchen when I went to cook dinner last night. Without even thinking about it, I reached for the Bag Holder to prepare a chicken and rice recipe I've made before using regular bowls. It wasn't until I added the last ingredient that I even realized that I had changed the way I cook, bake, and store food. Thank you Kara for sharing this simple yet innovative kitchen tool with me. It's a true multi-tasker that would make even Alton Brown proud!

And before I sign off with this series of reviews, I thought I'd share a few of the ways I've used it that haven't been documented on the blog yet.

I used the Bag Holder to put up about 70 pounds of tomatoes. I was able to buy them for about $3 so I couldn't pass them up, but I had to figure out a quick way to store these gems!

Ready to be flash boiled to make skin removal easier.

After their ice water bath and skin removal. They felt so velvety!

Using the Bag Holder to make storing in gallon size bags easy. It took 2 hands just to get the tomatoes into the bag, I couldn't imagine how messy this task would have been with out the Bag Holder.

Tomatoes ready for the freezer!!!

I also found the Bag Holder was useful as a trash bowl if I loaded it with a spare grocery bag.

Mixing cupcake batter was easy enough that my three year old could help with out making a mess. And I had these frosted in about 45 seconds once I had the Bag Holder loaded with the frosting.

I've been questioned about the environmental impact of the Bag Holder and at the end of the day, I value my family time more than I value green living. So, if I can get dinner made for us to enjoy together around the table and I've cleaned up more quickly, with the only impact being a single plastic bag instead of the few bowls and spoons that I have to wash (which also has an environmental impact), then I have made the best choice for my family.

Finally, I made a couple of videos to demonstrate how easy it is to use for lots of things around the kitchen.

What do you think? Do you want a Bag Holder now? What would be the first thing you made in it?

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