Monday, August 30, 2010

This for That: Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Ten Talents hosts a daily This for That McLinky that allows bloggers to get some help in exchange for helping others. Here are the rules:

If this is your first time linking up with us on This for That, please READ THIS POST for more information!

Post your "need" in the MckLinky by writing about what you need and linking to where others can fulfill that need. Meet the need of the 3 ppl DIRECTLY ABOVE your link, AND THEN YOU ARE DONE! If you want more than 3 ppl to help you out, then wait a bit, come back later and enter your need again (just make sure you AGAIN help out the 3 ppl DIRECTLY ABOVE you). The idea is that you help out 3 ppl and 3 ppl help you out...AND you don't have to wonder if you left someone hanging because your job is done as soon as you help out the three ppl above you! You can link up as many times as you want!

Just a couple of quick points:

1) PLEASE DO NOT link up unless you have time @ the very moment you link up to meet the requests of the 3 people directly above you. Please.
2) Less is More! Please ask for one need to be met at a time. You'll find that you get more help when what you ask for is easier for others to do. More than 3 people will probably try to meet your request if it's something they can do in five minutes or less!


  1. I am following you! You were one above me!

  2. I am followin you from This for That, you were my previous 3!! Thanks you can follow me back here

  3. I already you have a twitter you would like me to follow :)


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