Saturday, August 07, 2010

Catching Up - Way Back Edition!

Getting out on a boat makes me feel so free. It is wonderful to get closer to nature in that way, so long as no one drives too fast. I guess that is why pontoon boats suit me just fine. Over Spring Break (yes, I realize that was  5 months ago!), my parents treated us to an afternoon of pontoon boating with the family and we all had a great time.

Over and over, Charlotte remembered the boat ride in Nicaragua when she got to play with the monkey. I think her memory is more fond of the monkey than she really was, but I don't bother to correct her. If she wants to think she and the monkey hugged and played and she loved every minute of it, then so be it. My blog post from last summer will always be around to testify to the truth. :)

We had two small babies on the boat with us, Mary and her cousin Rebekah. Both of them wore infant sized life vests. Charlotte had the same size!

It was a gorgeous day for picture taking... I hope you enjoy these. I enjoyed reliving the afternoon as I looked over them. (Some were taken by my sister-in-law Michelle, and some by me.) And with more than 300 to look through, these are in no particular order!

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  1. Good pics, esp Mary and her her cousin. Alligators so close, oh my!


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