Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Party With A Purpose

Toddlers are not too young to learn to give to others. And honestly, most kids have too many toys anyway. That is certainly true of my own toddler. So for her 3rd birthday, instead of asking guests for gifts, we asked them to bring a pair of new pajamas. I also took her shopping to pick out a pair to make sure she was really involved in the process.

Then, Charlotte and I went to the FL Baptist Children's Home and donated the pajamas to their emergency shelter. We were able to get a tour of the facility and learn more about how children end up in their emergency care. I hope that by doing this, she will start to learn about the value of helping others and be excited to come up with her own caring and sharing ideas for parties in the future.

Other moms are doing the same thing to help their kid's celebrate. Malia, of Homemaking 911, has done it twice. One year her daughter hosted an Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party. Another year, her daughter asked to support the Touched Twice Clinic, a place where people in need can get one-stop service for their medical, physical, emotional, relational, and cosmetology needs.

I have a friend named Ida who planned her 26th birthday party with a purpose. Ida asked us to join her at a local coffee shop for coffee, cupcakes, and fair-trade shopping. She worked with Trade As One, a fair-trade company, to highlight the needs of others. It was simple and meaningful for a girl who has so much love to give to the world.

What charity would you or your child support if you were to plan a "party with a purpose?"

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