Friday, August 27, 2010

New Meal Time Rule

For a while now Bruce and I have had trouble with Charlotte's eating habits, particularly at dinner. She dawdles and takes her time. We don't like to leave her at the table to eat alone, so it has sometimes meant that every one's meal is drawn out too long.

So today, I decided to try something new. I set the timer for 20 minutes and then explained that whatever wasn't done at the end of the time, could be saved for later.

I think by making it clear that meal time has its limits, she'll be encouraged to do more eating and less talking.

What do you think? Do your children dawdle at the table?  What did you do to solve the problem?


  1. I like the timer idea. Everything in life has its limits. That is a great non-discipline approach to meal time. - Missy Eby

  2. My daughter is 3 & does the same thing. She also gets up & walks around & lately tells me that she's not hungry. Maybe I'll try the timer too.

  3. I think the timer idea is a good idea :) I also liked your idea to have This for That be a blog hop once a week...any suggestions on which day would be best for those who want to post?

    Thanks for the ideas :)


  4. Hrm
    It's definitely a sound approach since she knows she has the option for it later. But these days I often wonder where dinner time went when it is over in just 15 or 20 minutes. How long was she taking and what was she doing while she was dawdling.
    So many people these days don't even realize they've eaten because the goal was to get it done, not to enjoy it while it was happening...gee, kind of a lot like life in general :)
    I'm not dissing the idea, thinking of motivators (charlotte's) and repercussions.


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