Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mary's Coming For You!

I can barely believe my 'Marykins' will be a whole year old in 10 days! (And that I'm just now sharing her 9-month photos!)

It's almost time for Mary's birthday! And she is ready

Photos from Mary's 9-month session with Karissa Barber, owner of K. Barber Photography in Lakeland, FL.


  1. Love the pictures you choose! Now that I am a better editor, I am going to put them in a series (crawling ones) like I had originally wanted to do and post in on my blog.

  2. They grow up too fast.. and so every picture is very memorable, those are just the things that let you remember how cute and cuddly they were. I can feel how excited you are for your angel's birthday.. so sweet:)

  3. She's such a beautiful baby. You can tell she has the nicest little personality. Georgous!

  4. Good photos! She is so cute! She's come a long way.


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