Wednesday, July 08, 2009

First Full Day in Nagarote

Here are some more quick pictures to show you about our day. As usual, you can see and read more at our team blog, Mission: Nagarote.

Hanging out in the open living space in the front of our hotel

monday afternoon 042c

monday afternoon 049c

monday afternoon 052c

New friends at the train station in town.

monday bruce 008c

Seeing the turtles (tortugas in Spanish) that live by the oldest tree in Nagarote. She is being held up by one of the rickshaw drivers. We alo learned how to say "turtle" in Spanish sign language.

monday bruce 024c

Bruce visiting a market this afternoon to pick up some more fruit for Charlotte and some crackers for himself. I was napping with Charlotte and missed the shopping trip.

monday bruce 060c

And finally, a picture from this afternoon showing the grandparents how happy Charlotte is!

monday bruce 097c

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  1. She IS having a great all will! Can't wait to hear about everything!


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