Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part 4

Let's continue our trek through my scrapbook, the one that is supposed to remind of who I am.
Somehow, this 2-page spread never got finished... I'm not sure why exactly (care to pipe in Mom???), but it is supposed to be about my birthday parties growing up. I think I look like a pretty cute kid on the first page here and am not really regreting the fashion choice, since there is a pretty good chance my mom picked it out in the first place.
And on this page, at the top, we have a picture of my 10th birthday party. My parents made a big deal out of it because it was the double-digits. I had a small sleepover with a lip-syncing contest. I mostly remember picking a Michael Jackson song (it was 1987!), cutting the finger tips off my dance gloves, and then getting in trouble.
And in the bottom picture, was the park party (maybe 7 years old?), where I got my pink boom box radio! It was soooo.... cool! Then, my mom "stole" it and made us chase her around the park until we caught up. Or was it that we caught her when she ran out of steam? I had that pink radio forever and only gave it up when the batteries got all acidy and corroded and it became a cute paperweight.
Next week I get to share photos of all my various modes of transportation!

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