Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday's Pictures

Bruce decided to give one of the bicycle taxi guys a break today and offered to take him for a drive around the block. Fortunately, there were no high hills because those are tough on these bikes. He said the hardest part of his time as a cabby was trying to turn the corner!

thursday afternoon 005c

Here he is at the end of the ride, still smiling.

thursday afternoon 015c

Charlotte blowing bubbles with Nee-Nee in front of the hotel.

thursday afternoon 021c

See, there are pregnant women in Nagarote too! This is Liz and she is 7-months pregnant. Liz is the daughter of the family that owns the hotel.

 thursday bruce 006c

And before I knew it, Charlotte got to sit on a motorcycle for the first time. I had hoped it would be her Daddy's, but she was up and on the bike in no time. They even taught her how to use the horn!

 thursday bruce 016c


  1. Love that motorcycle shot! We have one of the husband when the husband was about her age. Classic!

  2. Wow...she is really have a great time isn't she? Praying for your work there and that it is fruitful!


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