Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part 5

Vroom, vroom... Apparently, I was on the move as a little girl. And I guess I haven't stopped since then. From roller skates to my first Big Wheels, I was quite the mover... until that tortoise. If memory serves me right, that was at Cypress Gardens. They don't let you sit on the tortoise any more though, if they are even still open.

As a freshman in high school, my parents gave me a bicycle. I think it was for riding back and forth to my best friend Jenn's house. They must have got tired of me asking for a ride. Eventually though, I rated high enough and my parents and I bought a car together. Or rather, they bought me a car and I gave them some money to make it appear that I was being responsible. Thar car, a 1989 Plymmouth duster, led to my first part-time job as a cashier at Winn-Dixie.

There's another good story to go with that job... you see, my biological father was a Winn-Dixie store manager somewhere in St. Petersburg. But I lived in Deltona. So, I went to the local Winn-Dixie and asked that store manager for a job. I told him he should hire me because my father was also a store manager. Well, he hired me. Later I asked him if he ever double-checked my story and he said no. Figured I must have really wanted the job if I was willing to make that kind of story up.

So, if you found me riding different forms of transportation boring, maybe you'll be more interested in my childhood dance pictures next week?


  1. Hey...are you back home??? Just checking on you and praying all of you are doing well.

    Great memories.

  2. I see alot of Charlotte in you in your skating picture. What a neat album. I also have a tortise picture. You look so '80s there. It's great!

  3. I bet your friend, Jenn, was really excited about that bike :)!


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