Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 4th edition

Hmmm... I've already done 13 reasons I haven't been posting so I can't do that list again. How about 13 things I love about Charlotte Moon instead?!
  1. Her name.
  2. Her dimples. She has 2, one one each cheek.
  3. Her smile.
  4. The way her nose crunches up when she smiles with her eyes (see the last picture).
  5. How soft and smooth her baby skin feels, especially after a bath.
  6. The large wave-like curl that is growing on the top of her head.
  7. How when she first wakes up in the morning she likes to just look around and grab her toes.
  8. The smile I get when she first sees me, in the morning, or when I pick her up.
  9. The way her hand rests on me while she is nursing.
  10. Her laugh. It is infectious!
  11. How she snuggles up to me at night and uses my bosom as her pillow.
  12. When she melts into the snugly comfort of my arms as she falls asleep.
  13. And finally, I love how she now knows what to do when the camera comes out. She just perks right up and flashes a cheeky grin for us!

I could go on forever probably, but this is Thursday Thirteen. Visit the official site for more 13 fun!


  1. Awww... she sounds like a sweetie.


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