Thursday, March 06, 2008

FCAT Test Prep

My students might think I am the dorkiest teacher ever... but if wearing this human billboard helps even one of them to remember a great test-taking strategy then it was worth it.
I got this idea from a Reading Coach at my husband's school, only they used it for vocabulary words. I've worn this most of today and have gotten many strange looks, from students and other teachers even. Do I mind? Not in the least! I am willing to do just about anything to help them remember how to respond to certain questions. I've even recruited other teachers to wear subject appropriate tips.
For the math teacher - Use your reference sheet & calculator.
For the science teacher - Read ALL of the possible answers.
For the reading teacher - Underline key words and phrases.
I might make more... we'll see how time goes.

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  1. For a new teacher you are really cool and I'm proud of the difference you are trying to make with your students! Keep up the good work, it WILL make a difference to them :)



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