Monday, March 17, 2008

Charlotte's First Trip to Disney - Part 2

For some reason this picture makes the day look like it was really overcast, but it wasn't. Just windy. Very windy. This trip to Disney marked Charlotte's 7-month birthday, as well as the first time she ever rode in her stroller sitting up like a big girl.
Of course, being at Disney didn't mean we had to skip nap time. Fortunately for Charlotte, the seat lays out flat so she could get good and comfy. All together now, aaaaawwwww......
This is the very first ride Charlotte ever went on - Winnie the Pooh. She was too interested in the ride to bother looking at her dad and the camera.
After Winnie the Pooh, Charlotte for to see what a small world it is. They have revamped the ride since I was on it last and now there is even a small display for Israel.
We ended our day at Disney with dinner at Chef de France in EPCOT. They have the BEST onion soup we have ever eaten. After dinner we toured the countries on our way out and Carolyn had to have her picture taken with this larger-than-life troll. I wonder if he's busy next weekend Carolyn?

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