Monday, March 03, 2008

Darryl Barker

Darryl Barker is a friend of ours who likes to ride motorcycles. As a matter of fact, we sold him his most recent bike. Unfortunately, last Friday, he was involved in a very serious crash. While we was wearing protective gear (including a helmet) he is facing life threatening injuries.

I ask all of you who read this little blog to please pray to God for Darryl and his wife Joy. A website has been set up to keep track of updates. I encourage you to visit and learn about how amazing God has been to this family since last Friday. He truly is the one on whom they are leaning right now.

Some have questioned how I can still let Bruce ride his motorcycle. And the answer is simple. He is in God's hands 24-7. God is in control of his life and if he wants to get our attention, he doesn't need a motorcycle to do it. God could use a spider if he wanted too, but I still make Bruce catch all of those 8-legged creatures! We try to live a life that gives Him all of the glory and credit, through every circumstance. I can only hope I would be as wise as Joy if I were faced with a similar situation.

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