Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Sunday

If we stay in this area long enough, I would love for Charlotte to get married in the very spot she is sitting in above.
No, she isn't walking yet. She just loves to stand up.

"Mama, it's warm. Are we almost done?"

Taken today a Bok Tower. What a beautiful day!


  1. Charlotte looks so lovely in the pictures! The spot she's sitting on in the first picture would be a beautiful place for her future wedding :)

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog. Charlotte is precious as well! I think they are only a day or so apart in age. I use a web base program called picnik. It is really easy to use. I would like to have photoshop but I hear that is is extremely difficult to learn how to use. Maybe one day I'll find out!



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