Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Musings and Photos

Whew! I finally got caught up with responding to my comments for November. Sorry to took so long. (That apology is mostly for Rebecca since she is the only one who regularly comments on my blog.) I really want to try and leave comments for other people on their blogs too, but it is just barely enough to find time to read their blogs, let alone think of something insightful to share.

I am trying to keep a commitment to myself to post at least 4 times a week. And I mean real posts, posts that are worth reading. I think at least one of those posts should have pictures too. Because, let's be honest, most of you 4 people who read my blog really just want updates on Charlotte Moon and endure the rest of my musings for the excitement of the pictures.

I do have some pictures too. And some commentary to go along with them.

First up, is this photo of a stainless steel sponge basket we saw at Lowe's. The price tag for this ~4"x4" basket is actually $146.08! No, that is not a typo! It is a custom basket to fit this really cool half-moon shaped sink meant to be installed in a kitchen island. This is what I call conspicuous consumption!Next, we have this cute little picture of Charlotte sucking on her toes. I know, you saw a picture of her with her toes last week. But, I'm as obsessed with taking pictures of my little girl as she now appears to be with her toes. I knew babies would like to play with their toes... but my baby girl's fascination has reached obsessive levels! She would be more than happy to just play with them all day long except that I make her wear socks. I am such an evil mommy!
Thirdly, here is a picture of the sign at my Weight Watchers meeting the week before Thanksgiving. I actually have this as the desktop background on my computer. The acronym is a very good one for the holiday season.

I came across this article recently while browsing blog land. I hope you'll take the time to at least skim it. Even though I know not everyone who reads my blog agrees with everything I write, I'd be surprised if any of you are so concerned about carbon footprints that you would have an abortion to prevent global warming! I'm consulting my thesaurus for words to describe my personal reaction - ludicrous, ridiculous, preposterous, absurd, nonsensical, stupid, foolish, comical, silly, outlandish, unreasonable, etc... I could keep going, but I trust you get the gist of my reaction by now? Since when is the health of the planet more important than the life of a human being? Genesis 1.28 commands mankind to subdue the earth, not the be subdued by it.

Stepping off my soapbox... This just might be the most random blog post I've ever made! Oh, and all 3 pictures were taken with the camera on my cell phone.


  1. You're right to dig out the theasauraus for the first woman in the story, but, they're also right that population controll is the 800lb gorilla in the global environmental room. - John Bothwell

  2. Population control is not really a significant issue for global warming.

    Technology's ability to reduce pollution--through recycling, cleaner energy sources, etc--has outpaced growth in developed countries. All you have to do is read about pollution levels in major cities during the Industrial Revolution to see that.

    Consider this 1900 ad for a train using the a cleaner burning coal:

    Says Phoebe Snow
    about to go
    upon a trip to Buffalo
    "My gown stays white
    from morn till night
    Upon the Road of Anthracite"

    The ad was based on the fact that it was common for train passengers (on other lines) to end up covered in black soot after a train ride because of all the pollution from the coal used to fuel the train. This Lackawanna Railroad ad promoted the fact that the trains burned anthracite, which let passengers stay clean. In our modern world, the idea of not being able to wear white because of pollution is as foreign as a coal powered train.

    Of course, that doesn't mean the technology is being implemented in such a way that the net result is less pollution across the globe. It just means the number of people is not the issue.

    And if there is still any doubt about whether we all need to quit breeding to save the planet, we can just ask Nobel Prize winner Al Gore and his 4 children. :-)

  3. On the other hand, if there were fewer people needing to burn less anthracite, there would be less global warming. I also deliberately said "gloabal environment" rather than global warming because there are a lot of issues (think deforestation) to which population increases are the underlying driving factor. These other problems often tie in with global warming since its such a complex issue of course. And remember, there were a whole lot of American Indians living nice agrariarin lifestyles and it wasn't untill we improved technology (guns) that we managed to exterminate the carrier pigeon. (No, I'm not arguing the ancient Indians were an environmentally perfect society, just that technological advances don't necessarily balance out population increases as far as environmental issues are conerned.) - John

  4. Stopping by to say I have been reading, but I haven't had much time to respond.....we have all been sick.

    I'll be back ;p


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