Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogger Coffee - Part 3

From Like Merchant Ships: As we swept up the crumbs in the post-party quiet, Christy wondered if more bloggers are introverts than extroverts. If so, are the most popular bloggers also the extroverts among us? Or do you think the Internet enables even the shyest to adopt a more outgoing personality?

I'm a little behind on adding my comment to the 'coffee' but if you read my post below I have a good excuse.

I really don't think introverts or extroverts are attracted to blogging in greater numbers than the other. Personally, I'm an extrovert (ESTJ) and blog in part because I like the feedback and attention I get from family and friends. Of course, I also blog to keep a record of Charlotte's life for her to enjoy reading some day. There are so many stories from my own childhood I don't know and am only just learning. For example, my mom and I just got off the phone and as we were discussing Charlotte's trip to the ER my mom told me I was in the hospital at 5 months for bronchitis. She told me how awful it was to walk in and see the respiratory therapist beating on my back to break things up in my chest.

As for the more popular bloggers... it is hard to know if those are the extroverts among us. The fact that they put themselves out there might lead one to believe they are extroverts, but on the other hand... the fact that they might be anonymous might lead one to believe they are introverts.

Overall, I don't think one's I or E status has an affect on one's likelihood to blog, or to have a large reader base. Ultimately, it is the content and whether or not it meets a felt need of people browsing around blog land who stumble upon our musings that matters the most.

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  1. I wish I knew more about my childhood too. I agree, I don't think one's I or E stat has an affect if they blog or not.

    Although, Blogging may make it easier for the introvert to get involved by reading areas of interest etc. without having to actually put themselves "out there".

    Take me for example.......I read your's & Cameron's blog all the time without responding. You & Jason have "influenced" me to get involved or else I'd still be reading without interacting. Basically watching and smiling behind the scenes. =)


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