Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blogger Coffee - Part 1

Since I don't have many real life friends who blog (okay, none really), I decided to make some blog friends by participating in an on-line coffee party. Today, the conversation turned to who reads our blogs.

Does your husband read your blog? Does your family know about it? If so, does it cause problems or keep you real?

My husband does read my blog. As a matter of fact, he usually proofs my posts for me. By that I mean, when I am done with a post that I think is grammatically perfect with no typos I announce that I am done and he is the first to read it. Then, he lets me know what I missed so I can really perfect for the rest of the world. This is important because I am an English teacher and need to have as few mistakes as possible in order to maintain my reliability. :-)

My family knows about it also. I figured since I call my blog Family Musings it would be a good idea to let them in on my bloggy ideas. Also, one of the reasons I originally started blogging was to help my family, who doesn't live terribly near us, keep up with the progress of my pregnancy. I have continued to keep my blog to share the growth of our baby girl with them and whomever else happens upon us.

So far, there haven't been any issues with my family knowing about my blog. Except my brother. He won't read it. I wish he would, but only in a vain, I want attention sort of way. Besides we both know that his lovely bride reads it very faithfully and she tells him the good stuff and shows him the pictures of their niece.

I enjoy having my blog so much and often tell my family, in response to questions about Charlotte, "well, if you'd have read my blog..." They are starting to get the hang of it. I even made it easier for them by creating a subscription service they can use to be e-mailed all blog posts. Pretty nice of me, eh?

[EDIT: My 'real life' friend Rebecca pointed out that she blogs also. You can check out her adorable new bouncing boy here. I hope she gets into blogging more, I think she must have lots of wonderful stories with her big, busy family!]


  1. Okay my little bloggin buddy! I actually wrote something to read on mine LOL!

  2. My mom tried to post this comment earlier and it wouldn't work, so I am posting it for her. I especially want to post it here so that Charlotte can know something about her grandma when she comes back to read these posts. And because I'd like it to be on record that she thinks we are good parents. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this with me…reading it reminded me of when you all were little and I didn’t have this type of resource at my fingertips. Its funny to look back and realize how much I really didn’t know about babies and what to do with you & Nick.

    I like getting to watch your lives play out and understand that I didn’t totally screw you all us…that there is a rhythm to life. I’m just glad you realized why she was unhappy. You and Bruce are very good parents!

    Love ya,



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