Monday, November 12, 2007

Breastfeeding Isn't Easy Folks

It makes me sad to read an article like this. So many women miss out on the joys of breastfeeding because of perceived obstacles that can be overcome with just a little bit of effort. I get that the mother working at a fast food restaurant may not be able to pump on her 15-min break as easily as I can on my 2 ½ hour planning break, but even that obstacle can be overcome if the mother is willing.

I have to applaud the Regency (where I delivered) for having great support with 2 lactation consultants on-site. However, they lose points in my book for the sheer volume of formula they sent me home with, even though they knew I was planning to breastfeed exclusively. I am sure I came home with about 30 single-serve bottles and another 4 cans of powdered formula. Oh and I think there were 2 packages of single-serve formula in glass bottles as well.

It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to establish our breastfeeding dyad. I did have sore nipples and some cracking because Charlotte took a couple of weeks to get a hang of nursing. Using Lansinoh and nursing on the less sore side more often helped. But those problems were not insurmountable compared to the lost benefits from giving her formula. Nothing man-made could ever be as good for her as my milk. We have to do more to encourage moms to continue nursing past 3 months.


  1. Amen!
    The first three to six weeks are the hardest for me because, really hurts! After that it's smooth sailing. It does take a lot of effort and work, but are babies are worth the best.

    My hospital only sent me home with a six pack ready made formula. All that was needed was to unscrew the lid and screw the sterilized nipple to the bottle. These weren't needed cause I nurse.

    I think they send them home with every mom "just in case". I received formula with each of mine.

    It took a good 5 days for my milk to completely come in. There was one day in particular that I nursed him every hour on the hour because he was sooooo hungry but my milk wasn't in yet. Poor little guy. Anyway, it was very draining and I was very, very tired, but it was worth it. After's only for a short time! Before we know it they will be grown with their own families!

    Cheers to nursing mom's!

  2. I remember those days of nursing every hour! What fun! The Lansinoh really came in handy then. I think I've finally decided to definitely nurse until 1 year and to skip the cereal/baby food thing. I'll just wait for her to show an interest in table foods and start with the bland, soft things first - like steamed carrots or something similar. Should save us some money on baby food jars too!


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