Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

Friday night was another great football game at Frostproof High. They beat Avon Park 35-0! Go Bulldogs! Afterwards, Charlotte and I went over to the church for the Youth Department's 5th Quarter party. For the uninitiated, it is basically a party after the football game for the kids to come and hang out and let off steam instead of hanging out in the park of loitering at the convenience store. We served hamburgers and chips and basically just made sure the youth had a safe place to be that night (until midnight at least when they had to go home). I had fun meeting more teenagers, some of whom knew who I was because I'm the "teacher with a baby" at school.

Yesterday, Grandma and Grumpy came down to visit. I'd pretend they came to see all of us, but they really just came to see Charlotte and to put more pennies into her piggy banks. The first one is a very cute little piggy that is already full. And the second one is designed so we can write the dates of most of Charlotte's firsts on one of the sides. I've already filled in first smile - 2 weeks. I know it was real because she didn't pass any gas after the smile.

And because everyone loves seeing pictures of themselves, here are photos of Grumpy and Grandpa holding their sweet granddaughter. I should add for those of you paying attention... we didn't invite my parents down. My dad just called and said, "I'll be home this weekend and we are going to see Charlotte. What time should we be there?"

While my dad and Bruce stayed home with Charlotte, my mom and I headed over to Lakeland to meet 2 of my friends at My Girlfriend's Kitchen. They are one of those new food prep places where all of the separate ingredients are already prepared for you and you just need to assemble the various pieces for later baking or sauteing. The menu changes each month and we got in on the last day of September's menu. Last night Bruce and I had the Summer Lasagna, which is loaded with squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. My girlfriend's and I had a blast learning several new recipes and preparing them for our families. We've already scheduled a return trip in November. Want to join us?

The trip to Lakeland was the longest that Bruce had been left with Charlotte minus mommy-supervision. I wasn't too worried since I left 2 bottles with him, then I got 3 phone calls in the first 30 minutes. Fortunately, they were just about the bottles I left and were easily answered with no threat of having to turn around and go home. When we came back we learned my lack of worry was justified... after he fed Charlotte she slept until my mom and I got home. What an easy day he had.

Today is Sunday and we are enjoying a quiet, lazy afternoon at home. We had some great fellowship this morning with our Life Group class at a local diner and got to show off the dome construction to our new friend Marsha.

Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4.12

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