Monday, September 17, 2007

Go Bulldogs!

Lottie went to her 2nd football game last Friday night. I think she enjoyed it, plus she got to hang out with our friend Latrelle. The Frostproof Bulldogs beat Mulberry. Go bulldogs!

Lottie had another first this weekend too... she went to the church nursery - twice! We visited Northland Community Church on Saturday night and I left her in their nursery. It was a very high-tech experience. I got a beeper (like they give out at restaurants) and stickers. One sticker for her, one for her bag, and one for me to wear to show I was authorized to pick her up. They are very security conscience, which is why I felt comfortable leaving her in the nursery of a church that is not my own. Then, on Sunday morning, Lottie went to the nursery at our church for the entire morning! She didn't cry and was actually asleep when I went to pick her up.

This morning we had an unfortunate incident though... Lottie threw up on mommy. She was fussy while she was eating and I guess I know why now. She didn't cry and it wasn't the end of the world, just the first time she did it. I undressed her and cleaned her (and I) up and now she is sleeping in her swing. What fun!

Update: Doctor's office just called back. They said that f she did it again to bring her in, but that otherwise, since she had no other symptoms, she should be fine. The nurse mentioned something about food in my diet, but I haven't eaten anything unusual in the last 24 hours, so I doubt that is it. She's nursing again now and seems fairly content.

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