Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Bruce

Dear Bruce,

Today, you are 34 years old. Last night, you said 34 wasn't a very special age, that it didn't really mean anything other than you were one year closer to death. Of course, being the pragmatic person I am, I reminded you that this was true for every birthday. And you, being equally pragmatic, of course agreed before we drifted off to sleep.

But, I think turning 34 is awesome (maybe because it will be my turn in 5 weeks?!). So, in honor of your 34th birthday, here are 34 reasons you are an awesome human being.

  1. You always kiss me good night.
  2. You never stop trying to learn new things (like teaching yourself Greek!).
  3. You actually enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance with me!
  4. Your sense of humor is dry and sarcastic, just my type.
  5. You have a silly side.
  6. You humor my long-winded stories filled with an impossible number of unnecessary details.
  7. You let me sleep in more mornings than not.
  8. You work hard at being the best you can be in your job.
  9. You work so I can stay home and be a full-time mom.
  10. You are more patient with me than I deserve sometimes.
  11. You are the smartest person most people know, including me.
  12. You always look for ways to save money, even if it means sacrificing something you love.
  13. You ride a motorcycle, and you do so with as much safety as possible.
  14. You look hotter now than you did 8 years ago!
  15. You didn't flinch when I asked to go away to my MOPS convention.
  16. You can be exceedingly thoughtful when it comes to gift giving.
  17. You will get up with one of the girls in the middle of the night so I can sleep.
  18. You like Dr. Pepper.
  19. You rarely complain about the meals I cook.
  20. You are willing to eat meat only occasionally to help the grocery budget.
  21. You encourage me to stay on budget, gently.
  22. You care deeply about missions, even to the point of choosing our daughter's names.
  23. You always say yes if you know it's important to me or the girls.
  24. You love the internet a much as I do.
  25. You will usually choose a chick flick for movie night, just to make me happy. 
  26. You are faithful to teaching your men's Bible study well.
  27. You always stop to play with the girls when they ask.
  28. Love isn't just a word to you, you live it out towards your entire family.
  29. You even say "I love you," when you talk to my parents.
  30. You can fall asleep super quickly (I'm insanely jealous over this one!)
  31. You have strong arms.
  32. You actively support my blogging efforts, including my new blog, Mom's Mission Field.
  33. You freely give our daughters hugs and snuggles and comfort.
  34. You love Jesus more than you love your family.
So Bruce, I hope you don't think 34 is ordinary any more... because you certainly are not ordinary and I couldn't imagine spending life without you by my side. Happy birthday!

Love, Jennifer


  1. Super great list! I love it! Happy Birthday, Bruce! You are well loved!

  2. You're so sweet.


  3. Happy Birthday Bruce! He sounds like a really special husband and father.


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