Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Devotional Diapers

 There is a baby shower gift that I love to give. It is something every mom needs, even if she doesn't know it. It is Devotional Diapers. These little diapers give moms of babies a brief chance during their day to reflect on the Word of God and, hopefully, experience a moment of peace amidst all the feedings, dirty diapers, and spit ups.

Not only do Devotional Diapers make a great gift, they are easy to give. I don't remember how many baskets of these I've given to moms at baby showers. Once, I even shipped a basket half-way across the country to a mom who I knew needed some peace in her day.

To make these, all you have to do is print out mailing labels with Bible verses on them. I chose verses that relate to being a mother or parent as well as verses about love and service (because we all know that changing 7 diapers a day is a true service to the littlest member of our family). I do have duplicates on this list and that's okay with me.

Then, you just stick one label on each diaper and present in a basket. You can get fancy and choose baskets that match their nursery theme. Or, if you are like me and always trying to put together gifts at the last minute, you can buy several wicker or wooden baskets to keep on hand as these match most decor.

Sometimes, I get fancy and add rolled up wash clothes or onesies. During one creative spurt, I even made wash cloth lollipops to decorate the basket. But most of the time, I keep it simple and maybe add a simple bath toy or bottle of baby wash.

I uploaded the sheet of labels I use to Google Docs and you can access it here - Devotional Diapers. It is set up for use with Avery label 8160, which is 1" x 2 5/8". Let me know if you have trouble opening it and I'll try to convert it to a PDF (but you won't be able to change it).

If you decide to give these as a gift, I'd love to see a picture. Leave a link to it here in the comments.

What is your favorite baby shower gift to give? To get?

Edit: I thought I should give credit for where I got this idea from and went searching for the original post. Unfortunately, the blog is no longer available. Fortunately though, Joy started a new blog which is a worthy read, called Stay At Home Missionary.


  1. Please make these for me! Seriously! I get so cranky in the first couple of weeks due to sleep deprivation! Lord knows I could use some bible verses to give me some perspective :-) My favorite gift to give? I like to make diaper cakes and when my sewing machine was working I liked to give nursing covers (if them mom was planning on nursing) Fave gift to receive? handmade or heartfelt :-)

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  3. Hit the wrong thing. Grr. Anyway! I wish I'd had these when my boy was little! Would have been soo nice.

  4. I LOVE this idea!!! I am totally going to steal it! Thanks for sharing. You have been a true encouragement in my walk with the Lord over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for being a wonderful friend!

  5. My favorite gift to give is a Gymboree blanket. My kids both sleep with their first blankets, and they are so soft and still in great shape 9 & 10 years later after sometimes daily washings!

  6. Very cool idea! Diaper cakes seem to be a rage at the baby showers I've been to recently, but these would be more meaningful...

  7. What a creative and thoughtful idea!


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