Monday, June 27, 2011

Where I Am From

I am from ping pong tables, Tupperware and above ground swimming pools.

I am from a bedroom community with a church every mile down the main street.

I am from the rock garden with a double rocker for enjoying watch the traffic go by.

I am from camping in Key West on Christmas day, curly hair, and a different last name for everyone in my family.

I am from the people who can't say no and don't know how to sit still.

From being the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead and dreams of being a lawyer because I liked to argue.

I am from church when the doors were open, because we couldn't say no or sit still.

I'm from the Sunshine State, broccoli-corn casserole, and homemade ice cream on the back porch during the summer.

From the the person who doesn't know a "white fat boy" refers to a motorcycle and not a person, the man who stepped up when he didn't have to, and the ghost of evil done to someone too small to defend themself.

I am from value of an experience over the physical gift, of going to see a Broadway show instead of renting the movie, and stolen moments of peace and quiet.

Found this meme over at DesignHER Momma, who was inspired by Adventures in Babywearing last week.
If you write one up, would you please share it with me?
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  1. I loved it! What would I be? Hmmmmm....

  2. @Steph - I'm so glad you liked it... thanks for the inspiration.

    @Karissa - I would LOVE to read your's!


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