Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Easy Peasy Homemade Donuts

In case you hadn't heard, last Friday was National Donut Day. You better believe that was a holiday we celebrated at the Family Musings house!

I remembered my mom making homemade donuts when I was a little girl but had never done it myself. The process is simple enough if you aren't afraid of a pan of hot oil. I even convinced my almost 4 year old to help me. Ok, I didn't really have to convince her, she loves donuts!

Here are the ingredients you'll need to make easy peasy homemade donuts:
Ingredients: Neutral flavored oil, canned biscuits, plus toppings. I recommend powdered sugar, cinnamon & sugar, and homemade frosting* with orange extract for a bright touch.

Tools: Hands, high sided pan for frying donuts, slotted spoon for taking donut holes out of hot oil, chopsticks for taking donuts out, and cookie cutter or other small round device (I used a medicine cup and it was perfect!)

First, you need to flatten the biscuits. Great step for the littles to help with! Then, use you cookie cutter or medicine cup to create the donut hole. Set the middle part aside because you'll be cooking this part too. The holes were everyone's favorite so if that is the case in your house, then you could just cut the biscuits into 4-5 pieces and fry those.

I suggest you have all of your toppings ready to go before you fry anything. It is best to try and add the coating on while the donuts are still hot. It will stick better that way.

Carefully add the donuts to your hot oil. I don't know the exact temperature I used, but it took about 5 minutes on medium high to get to the right temperature. If you oil is too hot, your donuts will be dark brown and empty in the middle. This is not good eats. It should go without saying, but there are 2 important steps here - 1) Keep you child away from the hot oil. This is not a job for kids. 2) Lay the donuts down in the pan away from you because the hot oil might splash and you don't want to get burned either!

Finally, once they come out of the oil, let them drain for a moment and then roll, dip or coat them in the topping of your choice. For the donuts I found it easiest to spread the topping on a plate and then lay the donut on top. The donut holes coated easiest in a bowl with a spoon to turn them. And really, this is an adult job too because these donuts will still be hot. This is what you'll end up with!

Now for the close ups.

The beauty shot of my frosting.

And the powdery goodness of sugar.

These donuts take no time at all to make. And while they aren't even close to healthy eating, they are a super fun treat that you can make at home on a random Friday night or Saturday morning. I think these would be a great first day of summer treat for students who are just finishing up their school year.

*Frosting Instructions - Mix a few tablespoons of powdered sugar with a small splash of milk. Add a few drops of orange extract (or vanilla if you like a more traditional frosting), and then stir all together. It will be a little runny and that is fine. Drizzle over your favorite baked good.

Do you have any easy peasy recipes? What treats are you cooking up for your kids this summer?


  1. Ummm... where are mine?

  2. I'll make you some next time you come over! They really are super easy. I almost made them for fondue night, but decided I had enough stuff already.

  3. Jennifer, My family does this also; my husband learned how to make them from his Grandmother. One thing we do is put the toppings like cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar in ziploc bags and then put the doughnuts in and let the kids shake them to coat the doughnuts. Yummy and FUN!!

  4. @Christy - I can't believe that, after all my TBH posts, I didn't even think to put these in a bag to shake them up. A paper bag could work too for individual servings at breakfast. We used to eat at a restaurant that did it that way.


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