Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Please Pray for My Mom

Last week my mom was taken to the hospital for a low platelet count. They sent her home on Friday because her numbers had improved after an IVIG treatment and lots of steroids. At her follow up appointment yesterday her platelet count was back down to 6,000 (it had been around 175,000 when she was released last week). So, she was sent back to the hospital. At this point, the plan of care isn't firm, because honestly, the doctor said the body doesn't usually work this way, even when people have ITP, which is what she was diagnosed with a week ago. I'd share more, but since there still aren't a lot of details available I don't want to share my speculations.

Please pray for the doctor's to discover the cause of her low counts and to establish a plan of care that keeps her healthy and active. Please pray for my dad and the rest of our family as we try to support her. Please pray for my mom that she will have peace in her heart and will accept the plan of care that is given to her.

My Mom & Dad

Mom & my niece Rebekah

My mom and her girls
Photo Credit: Abby Blom


  1. Praying for you. My cousin has this and just had her spleen removed. Once they removed her spleen, she didn't have another low count...

  2. My thoughts are with you guys.

    Beautiful pictures!!

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