Thursday, June 09, 2011

Gymnastics Playdate

When we first moved to Lakeland, one of my favorite things to do with Charlotte was take her to open gym time at a local gymnastics studio. We even went after Mary was born, but once she started getting more mobile, I found it too hard to keep up with both of them in such a large space. (I know, I'm a mothering wimp when it comes to things like this.)

Fortunately, a play group that I am a part of recently organized a private open gym time at Gym Tek. I was so happy to take them and I think these pictures show what a great time both girls had.

Here, Mary is copying the big girls who were taught to roll down the yellow ramp.

Practicing her first ever hand stand.

Climbing up the wall.

And then touching her nose to the wall like she was taught.

Mary copying her older sister, almost. You'll get there some day Mary. In the mean time, I'm proud of you for hanging here without freaking out.

Maybe her favorite part!

And learning how to skin the cat.

This summer we will definitely be going back to open gym time. It is indoors and both girls really enjoyed it.

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