Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hope for Haiti

My friend Ida is going to Haiti in less than two weeks. I can't go and am living vicariously through her because I think what she is doing is great! Since she has shared her story at her blog, eat drink and be jesus, I won't repeat it here. Go read it in her words.

But before you do that, would you consider buying one of these two canvases that she inspired me to paint?

They are acrylic and mixed media on canvas. The top one is about 10x12 and the bottom one is about 8x10. They are $15 a piece, plus shipping, unless you live locally and can pick it up. These are the first two pieces of "art" I have ever created. I am pretty happy with how they turned out, but keep in mind that an amateur hand created them.

She leaves soon and lacking the funds to give her myself, I am offering these pieces of folk art to raise some money for her. Leave a comment with your email address is you are interested.

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