Friday, December 17, 2010

Quick & Easy Christmas Wrapping Paper

My kids love Christmas. It means our daily Advent calendar activities, special parties, extra time with Dad, and presents.

One of the ways I am trying to instill the joy of giving into Charlotte is by allowing her to help wrap and then decorate the gifts she is giving. (I find no need to help her find the joy in receiving... its built in!)

So, I bought some plain rolled paper and set out stickers and markers and let her go to work. This makes the gift extra special for the grandparent receiving it, keeps her involved in the entire gift giving process, and occupies her time while I am on my endless chore of cleaning.

The Christmas rainbow paper is for her gift to Mary. She wanted to put stickers on it, but I was afraid Mary would try to pull them off and eat them. I don't usually, but I did limit her to 2 colors so it would like neater.

Here is the gift she prepared for G-ma. Inside is something she made almost all by herself. And the decorated paper was done AFTER we wrapped the gift. I learned last year that the foam stickers don't bend well around the edges of the boxes.

A good tip is to buy Christmas stickers on clearance after the holidays. They don't take up much storage space and you don't have to worry about fighting the gift shopping crowds at all of the stores. This particular pack of foam stick-ons is going to be enough for all of her gifts this year.

What do you do to teach your children the joy of giving?

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