Saturday, March 13, 2010

"We Got Annie!"

For many months now, Charlotte's favorite movie has been Annie. More days than not, she will wake up from her nap and ask to watch Annie and eat microwave popcorn. I am happy to oblige her because well, the movie isn't annoying at all, and I really like kettle corn flavored popcorn!

This past week, the local community theater put on a production of Annie and even though the show didn't start until 7:30 pm, I decided Charlotte and I would go. I did tell her about it a couple of days ahead of time so the excitement would build and it worked. As we were getting dressed, she started singing, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." This is now my favorite Annie song!

A friend from MOPs, Bethany, joined us along with her two oldest children. Charlotte goes to dance class with the daughter and was excited that she would be watching the stage with us.

Throughout the show, Charlotte didn't do a good job of sitting still. Part of that was the view. Part was that she doesn't way enough to keep the theater seat from folding her in. Part was that she was past her bed time. Part was that she was excited and wanted to dance along with the "Annie's friends," the other orphans.

At one point, as the intermission was ending, Charlotte stepped into the aisle to enjoy orchestra medley of Annie songs and she was totally immersed in what she was doing. I think she did notice the surrounding attention a little, but she just really seemed to enjoy swaying and raising her arms to the music.

The true highlight of the night for Charlotte though, was getting to meet Annie and Sandy after the show was over. You can see in this picture that she appears a little star struck - so unusual for her!


  1. She looks completely star struck!!!! So glad you had this special time together.

  2. She's so cute! I'm glad she's better.


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