Thursday, March 11, 2010

Really, Really Tired

Charlotte has not been feeling well lately. Two weeks ago she came down with a cold (we all did) and none of us have quite shaken it. Then sometime last week, she got a sore in her mouth. I assumed she had bit her tongue and it just was having a hard time healing, as mouth sores often do. It only seemed to bother her when she ate.

To add to that, on Tuesday, when I picked her up from MOPs, they told me she was complaining her ear hurt. I noted it and decided to watch it for a couple of days because she has only ever had one ear infection. Ever. However, she had other plans. By the time we got to the car, she had stopped twice and made a yelpy, crying noise and held her hand over the ear. I decided in that instant to take her to the doctor. We went straight there and the doctor saw us right away. (Side note: I LOVE our pediatrician, Dr. Cynthia Enlow!!!)

While Dr. Enlow checked her out, she saw 5-6 sores in her mouth (which I didn't know about) and then looked at her hands and legs and saw a few sores there too. Turns out, Miss Moon has hand, foot, and mouth disease! The worst part is that it hurts for her to eat and drink. So far, we've been able to keep her hydrated, but listening to her tell us how hungry she is and then not want to eat anything is so hard.

Needless to say, her sleep has been affected too. This is how I found her during lunch today:


  1. What a miserable combination! I hope she's better soon.

  2. I don't always comment...but I ALWAYS read your blog....poor little thing. I pray she is feeling better now.


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