Thursday, July 07, 2011

Precious Moments

We've had a pretty crazy week around here adjusting to life with Bruce in Nicaragua and my mom in the hospital. Part of my strategy has been to keep the girls busy so they don't have time to notice that Daddy is away. It is only half working though.

This morning, our fourth waking up at my brother's house, Mary immediately started asking for Daddy when she woke up. (She had spent the 40 minutes before she fell asleep last night asking for him too.) After I got her out of the crib and tried to snuggle with her in bed (because I was not ready to be up at 6 am!), she wiggled out of my arms, ran to the bedroom door, pointed, and starting yelling "Dada!"

I feel for her, I'm missing him too. It's hard enough to have your husband out of town, but to have him gone while my mom is very sick, is even harder.

Well, Charlotte decided to help Mary out and this is what she told her.

"Mary, Daddy isn't out there. He's in Nicaragua being a missionary. He's helping mean people learn about Jesus. We can be missionaries too."

Mary started walking towards us, a little suspicious looking, but willing to believe Charlotte. Then, Charlotte continued, "Put your hand on your heart and Daddy's love is in there. His love is in our hearts so that when we miss him, we just have to put our hand on our hearts and remember that he loves us."

That seemed to work, and then Skyping with Daddy a couple of hours later helped even more. I'm so thankful for modern technology.

But even more so, I'm thankful for a husband who wants to serve God and spread His word to people without access to seminaries for training. If you are interested, you can learn more about his trip at Mission: Nagarote.

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