Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One on One Time With Mary

This week I've been blessed with the chance to spend some one on one time with Mary. As it normal with second children, she doesn't get as much undivided attention as her big sister. However, while Charlotte has been enjoying going to a gymnastics camp this week, I've had 3 hours each morning to spend with Mary.

In part, I've used the time to run a couple of errands that are just easier with one girl instead of two. But, I've also tried to do something that I thought Mary would enjoy. And today, I remembered to take some pictures of her being adorable, something she is very good at.

This is Mary imitating the frog. She even did a little hoppy thing too.

The frog is also a speaker that played fun kids' music and Mary couldn't resist dancing. She even clapped for herself, something she does often.

Mary wasn't fond of sitting in the baby/toddler swing because she thinks she's big enough for the regular swing. And even though I don't love the wet heat we have in FL this time I year, I love the way her hair curls in the humidity.

Some older kids were playing on this as well and had a great time watching Mary's smile as they bounced her. She even got a little upset when they had to go because she was having so much fun.

Going down the slide... This picture makes me wish I'd had my better camera with me so I really could have captured the details a little more crisply. The reds and the shadows make me happy.

But this smile... it makes me way happier! Who could resist this face?

Note to the teenage Mary who is probably going to use this blog to convince her therapist it isn't her fault - Don't be fooled by the lack of blog posts about you Mary. I love you lots but life is just busier with 2 kids instead of 1 and I don't always have as much time to take pictures or share cute stories about you.


  1. Mary loves her big sister so much, I don't think she notices her lack of alone time. Plus, she doesn't know any better.

  2. Cute...pretty cute. Sorry I haven't read a word except to see the pics of your cute daughter :)

    God bless and smile forever
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  3. I love the last picture!!!

  4. @Amy - I knew you'd say that!
    @Bruce - Mary may not notice it now, but she'll still use the lack of blog posts about her to prove a point when she's older.
    @Karissa - That's my favorite too. Even set it as my FB profile pic.


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