Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hospitals, Good-byes, and Hellos

My mom was sent home from the hospital a week ago Friday and then got a ticket back on Tuesday when her doctor did some follow up blood work. Apparently, they are intrigued by her case because her platelets dropped back to 6,000 without any of the symptoms she'd had the first time it went that low. Since then she has had a bone marrow tap (results coming by Tuesday), a round of chemotherapy (rituxan), and has been told she'll probably be there until this coming Friday. And maybe she'll even get treated to another  IVIG treatment.

I took the girls to visit her yesterday and they had some fun playing in her squishy bed and putting up a luau banner in her room. It is hard to think about her spending so much time recently in the hospital because she is a person who never sits still, or at least not for long. 

Yesterday, we also said good-bye to Daddy who left for a two-week mission trip to Nicaragua. If you are interested, you can follow the details of the trip at the team blog - Mission: Nagarote. It was hard to say good-bye, but we know that it is worth it because he'll be serving God by being there.
Mary just thought it was play time...
Charlotte was too concerned to take a happy picture
And then, as if yesterday wasn't busy enough, we got to say hello again to my brother and his family who just moved back from Tennessee! And we didn't waste any time having fun!
Bath time is more fun with new toys and a cousin!
Painting with chalk paint
Getting along so nicely and sharing

All 3 back together

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