Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part 13

We are now at the end of my journey through the scrapbook my mom made for me as a bridal shower gift some 11 1/2 years ago.  Here are the last two pages from my wonderful book and they are all about my husband, Bruce.

You can see there was a time when he actually had hair, and I had bangs! Yikes! What was I thinking?

Bruce and I went on a lot of dates to Disney because it was free (his dad works there) and there were a wide variety of things to do. One thing we rarely did though was go out to eat. I can count on the 2 fingers the number of times Bruce took me to eat at a restaurant (not counting meals at Disney). Yep folks, 2 times. That is all it took to court me. And, one of those times was the night he proposed. We went to Chili's. Yummy.

Since one of the reasons I am sharing the scrapbook here is to tell some of the back story to the pages my mom put together, I thought it would be interesting to share how Bruce and I met. Bruce is a way better story tell (he really should write this blog, ya'll!), so I asked him to tell the story in his own words:
Jennifer's mom was a substitute teacher at our high school, and I used to avoid school work by chatting it up with subs. One day, I was talking with a sub about my other classes and she said her daughter was in my world history honors course.

It wasn't until the start of the new semester, when our teacher Dr. Vossler, forced us all to move to new seats in the classroom, that I actually met Jennifer. I ended up sitting near her. I was like, "Hey, I met your mom." And Jennifer was like, "Argh." And I was like, "We're gonna get married one day." And she was like, "Are you making fun of me?" And I was like, "No, and by the way, did you know that I astral-project myself to another planet sometimes?" And she was like, "There's something about this guy that I like." And the rest was like history--in history class.
Yep. He said "astral-project." And he wonders why I wasn't immediately throwing myself at his feet to get married. Maybe someday I'll get him to write out the rest of the story so I can make sure my corrections to it are preserved for posterity.

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