Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Activities

This morning Charlotte and I sat at the table having some fun with a few simple Thanksgiving activities. None of these are original to me and were pretty simple and uncomplicated for her to do.

The first one I really want to share with you though is a fill-in-the blank drawing of a pilgrim girl. I am so impressed with how Charlotte filled in the blanks of her face. And, while I think this looks like a piggy little pilgrim, it is just adorable to me!

Another activity we made was a "Sharing Book." This idea came 100% from Sprout Online. Charlotte wasn't as ready to share her things as I would have hoped, but then again, she is two and I was asking her to abstractly tell me what she wanted to share. In the end, she decided to share her paper (twice), sandbox (which we don't own), and her books (maybe she'll be a Reading teacher someday).

To vary her access to art materials today, I busted out a glue stick and fuzzy pom poms. (I know, such variety is amazing!) This one ended up looking more like a bad model of the solar system than a turkey, but Charlotte sure did have fun smearing glue all over the page!

We also tried coloring book marks, but she wasn't all that into it and preferred to color the blank side of the page.

Tomorrow I am hoping to finish a Thanksgiving centerpiece we started a couple of weeks ago. If we do, you can be sure I'll share some pictures with you.

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