Monday, November 30, 2009

No, This Isn't A Food Blog

But, I want to share these easy waffle cookies Charlotte and I made this morning.

These are a super simple cookie that can be modified in many ways.
  • Add Craisins or other dried fruit to the batter to combat the 2 sticks of butter in the recipe!
  • Use them as a base for an ice cream sundae, instead of a cone or waffle bowl. 
  • Make them look like snowflakes by sprinkling powdered sugar over them.
  • Add orange extract instead of vanilla and serve with hot mandarin tea.
  • Almond extract would also be a yummy addition.

How else would you modify these yummy waffle cookies?


  1. I remember making some with a kind of chocolate cookie/fudge batter...smaller amount was used and I think while they were still warm we put a caramel on top to make a little "turtle" candy.

    Also some friends would use BREAD DOUGH and make little bread bites...

  2. those look so good! I might have to try this out here in the next few week...

  3. We love your recipe! We did some with almond extract, and another time I put in some chopped pecans. They really are pretty with the powdered sugar! Had fun making them too, sat around the waffle iron playing Go Fish. Thanks!


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