Saturday, July 07, 2007


One of the great gifts I received at my baby shower last week was an Arms Reach Mini Co-sleeper. It was something that I very much wanted but hadn't even been able to find to put on either of my registries. My mom found it at Babies 'R Us and knowing how much I wanted one, purchased it as a shower gift. I am so excited about it. Last night, Bruce and I set it up and wheeled it into the bedroom to see what sort of configuration might work best for us. As I laid in bed to figure out what sort of layout was best, I put my hand into the co-sleeper and for a moment pretended that Baby Sabin was right there, soundly sleeping. Such a nice feeling washed over me as I thought about being close to my baby in the middle of the night. While I may not be looking forward to waking up several times a night, I am looking forward to this new chapter of responsibility in our lives.

I know that co-sleeping, or the family bed, is a hotly debated idea in the US. However, it just makes sense to me to keep my baby as close as possible. For those who know me well, there is of course, the desire to not have to go walking across the bedroom, or the house even, several times a night to nurse of check on Baby Sabin. Then, there is also the reason of bonding. I can't say exactly why, but I feel in my gut that this is one of the best ways to bond with my baby. Many people have given me advice on how to parent, but the advice I receive most often is to trust my instinct as a mother. God gave me this instinct so I would know how to care for the unique individual He has created. I surely plan to use it. If you want to know more about co-sleeping, you can check out Dr. Sears' site or I don't feel safe having Baby Sabin in the same bed, but I think I can achieve similar results with the co-sleeper since it attaches to the bed and has the baby right next to me.


  1. Wow, Jennifer, it's been fun to keep up with your progress . . . you're almost there! Blessings on you and baby Sabin!

    Rachel W

  2. Thanks Rachel. It is been fun to track our progress.


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