Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Praying for Life

I hadn't expected to post again so quickly, but my friend Brandy shared a story that is too heartbreaking to not share with others.

Ashley is a surrogate who is 21 1/2 weeks pregnant. An ultrasound revealed a cleft lip and palate. These are conditions easily fixed with surgery however, the intended parents want her to terminate the pregnancy.

I don't understand all of the legal ins and outs of how surrogacy works, but how can it be right for them to force her into having an abortion?

I am sure there has to be a way to get out of this situation. It might even cost this family thousands of dollars to repay her fees to the intended parents. Does any one know how to help her? Either to get out of the contract, to convince the intended parents to change their mind, or to meet the financial needs this family will surely have if she breaks the contract and is sued?

Please pray for intended parents up that they might reconsider and make a different choice.
Please pray for the surrogate mother that she will make a choice that honors life.Trees Aren’t the Only Things Worth Saving | Abortion Unfiltered

EDIT: I updated the gestational age of the baby up above. I heard from a woman tonight who has the resources to help Ashley find help and that info has been forwarded onto Ashley. Please continue to pray for this situation as it will likely unfold rapidly over the next several days.


  1. I am praying hard that the surrogate mom makes the right choice!! Please keep us posted on this situation!

  2. Praying. Wow. There are no words.

  3. Praying. I tried to go to the blog & it's private. Have there been any updates? :(

    1. Unfortunately, no. I'm really hoping she made it private on the advice of an attorney.


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